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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I deserve a cookie!

I had Monday off for the President's Day holiday and I actually got up and went to Jazzercise in the morning- surely that deserves a cookie, right?  I'm anything but a morning person when it comes to mornings that I don't have to work (or tailgate) so getting up at 8:00am (I know poor me, but I don't have kids so there's really no need to be up at early hours unless someone is paying me- I digress) is a bit of an accomplishment here.  It was actually nice to start my day with exercise.

Too bad that can't become a habit.  I start my workday at 7:30am most days, so squeezing in exercise prior to that just isn't going to happen (see notes above).  I felt great the whole day- tons of energy.  My typical work day involves me leaving for work by 7, work at 7:30, try to leave by 4:30, jazzercise at 5:45 and home at 7:00 to fix dinner and do whatever else needs doing.  The jazzercise center I go to offers morning classes 6 days a week and evening classes 3, so I try to make all 3 evenings when I don't have conflicts (basketball games, hockey games, flights to Florida- the usual).  It had been a few weeks since I could make all 3, but this week is looking good and I feel good about it.

So about that cookie- in honor of Girl Scout cookie time I think I'll have a Samoa (or as our local baker calls is "Caramel Delight"- it's still a Samoa)- just one, thank you.

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